General Informations

As the biggest integrated innovation fair in Asia, AIS 2018..

  • It showcases both Innovation Show competition and Invention & Innovation Conference.
  • is a global platform to market and promote new and fresh innovations to the world.
  • is a 2 day event where inventors and researchers reveal their new ideas and products to manufacturers, investors, distributors and the general public.
  • will be under the support of the HUMAN CAPITAL INNOVATION SOCIAL ENGAGEMENT RESEARCH GROUP (HCISE) UiTM Penang, Malaysia.



Why you should participate in AIS 2018?

  • It is a great platform and opportunity to bring your inventions to the next level ; GLOBAL
  • Display your ideas and meet enthusiasts from every part of the world, sharing lots of information and generating new inspiration for further improvements in your design

Who can exhibit?

  • Individual innovators, researchers, enterprises, patent offices, suppliers of IP information, technology transfer organizations, and IP-related institutions